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Wire Line

Wireline Services

The wireline service uses a 7/32” OD mono-conductor electrical armoured cable which creates a pathway for electrical telemetry and communication between the surface and the equipment at the end of the cable.

The cable is operated by dedicated wireline units while the Well Head Equipment is the same as the one used for Slickline. The sides of the BOP’s rams and stuffing box become a flow-tube as the hydraulic seal on the ‘rough’ surface of the armoured cable is achieved by injecting special grease (sealing).

The electric-line is used in all the operations where continuous monitoring is required like production logging, well pressure build up in SRO, video camera, well intervention and pipe recovery operations.

Equipment Personnel Main Services
  • Units: skid and truck mounted
  • Type: Single and Double Drum
  • Zone: Zone 2 and Rig safe
  • Wire type: braded line
  • Pressure Control Equipment: 7 unit from 5 to 15k Working Pressure and H2S Service
Experience:10 years minimum
  • PLT
  • Downhole Video camera
  • Radial Cutting
  • Gamma Ray
  • CCL
  • CH Multifinger
  • PNN
  • Real Time Read Out