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Well Integrity & Reservoir Surveillance

Well Integrity & Reservoir surveillance

Senjay Energy highly developed High Precision tools and Software Development and Data Acquisition and processing which provides operators reservoir diagnostic technology to accurately quantify production flow behind several casing barriers. We also provide well integrity assessment services in Multiple seal barrier verification, multiple tubular assessments, leak detection and extent of metal loss using through barrier diagnostics. Other services include provision of cement bond logging services, Multi finger calliper logs and Bottom Hole Camera.

Our Reservoir Surveillance covers reservoir flow analysis, fracture flow assessment, confirmation for Injectivity effectiveness in EOR well candidates using our Acoustic through barrier tools. Our tools enable us provide clients with multiphase flow regimes and provide estimated flow behind multiple casings. Other applications with our tools we provide include, production/injection profiles and Bottom hole pressure and temperature logs.

Spectral Noise Logging + HPT Benefits 1. Array Noise Tool (ANT) is a noise tool (memory/SRO) used to delineate and infer:
Locate open perforations
Capture flow behind casing
Water and Gas breakthrough
Capture zones of drilling losses
Injection/production profile in a short string screened by a long string.
Injection volumes outside the logging interval in injection wells
Magnetic Imaging Defectoscope Benefits
Investigate casing/tubing integrity due to metal losses
Evaluate tubing and casing thickness
Can be correlated with PLT to explain poor productivity or injectivity
Other Well Integrity Services;
Cement Bond Logs
Production logging
Bottom Hole Pressure monitoring
Multi-finger Caliper logs
Bottom Hole Camera