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Slick Line

Slick Line Services

The Slickline allows the lowering and/or retrieving of tools in an alive well (under pressure) through the use of a special steel wire (harmonic) with a diameter of 0.108“ -0.125” 0.140”.

The tools run can be instruments for measuring well data (i.e. pressure and temperature), for the manipulation of well components (safety valves, circulation valves, plugs, etc.) or for well intervention (i.e. fishing operation).

The tool string (comprised of rope socket + stem weight bars + jar + tool specified for the operation to be performed) is connected to the wire after having been passed through the stuffing box and then inserted in the lubricator; all is raised and connected to the BOP on top of the wellhead.

At this point, the well can be opened and the operation carried out in maximum safety conditions.

Equipments Personnel Main Services
  • Slickline unit: Skid and truck mounted
  • Type: Singe and Double drum
  • Zone: Zone 2 and Rig safe
  • Wire type: 0.108” -0.125” –0.140” – Braded line
  • Pressure Control Equipment: from 5 to 15k Working Pressure and H2S Service
Experience:10 years minimum
  • Completion operation
  • Workover operation
  • Rigless
  • Well abandon
  • Gradient static/dinamic
  • Tubing puncher
  • Setting plugs/check valve
  • Change level (SSD)
  • Gas lift operation
  • Tubing integrity check
  • Tubing clearance
  • Fishing & Heavy Fishing
  • Swabbing
  • Program & procedure
  • EPLT
  • Downhole video camera (record mode)